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What Break Time Looks Like as a Freelancer

Break time as a freelancer
Break time with Emma.

Yesterday I was walking out to my office when my 5-year-old daughter Emma said, “Hey Daddy, do you want to lay in the grass with me?”

“Lay in the grass?”

“Yeah, there’s a real comfy spot right over there in the shade. Come on I’ll show you!”

So I followed her. And sure enough, there was a very comfy spot. We laid down and looked up at the trees and I tried my best to answer questions like, “Why is there no clouds in the sky today?”

Our view from the grass.

After about 20 minutes I finally went back to work. Feeling refreshed and happy.

Now if I were still working in corporate America I would not get to spend my breaks like that. Instead I’d be in a break room with no windows, listening to people complain about something they just read in the newspaper.

I’m so glad I quit my job 6 years ago. It’s moments like yesterday that make it all worth it.

So that’s all I want to share today.

P.S. I’m feeling much better about my blog since I removed Google Analytics yesterday and decided that I’m not going to stress out about how many readers I have. I feel free to write about whatever I want again and it’s liberating!

I asked my 3-year-old, Lily, if she could draw me a happy picture to post on my blog because I’m happy about it again. She drew this:

Lily’s Happy Drawing
Lily’s Happy Drawing

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