Sometimes I wish I knew how to code so I could make instant updates to my website without having to use a developer.

I know WordPress makes it possible to build websites without having to know how to code. But that will only take you so far. You will eventually run into issues that require someone to pop the hood and tweak the underlying code.

This morning I tried to do that myself because I hate how my blog looks.

The blog post titles are too big and so is the body copy. And when I view it on my phone (The Note 4) there is no right-hand margin unless I pinch and zoom out slightly. Plus, for some reason whenever I use a numbered list it turns it into bullet points instead. Grrr!!!

I wasted about 15 minutes googling ‘how to change body copy font in wordpress’ and got lost reading about css stuff.

Then I stopped myself because I realized I don’t know how to code. And my time would be better spent doing what I do know how to do: write!

It was also a good reminder that we can’t learn everything.

I’m a curious person and I love to research and learn things. This can be a blessing and curse. It’s great when I’m hired to write copy for a client. I’ll “take the red pill” and spend days researching their world… I like to see how deep the rabbit hole goes!

Yes, I get a little crazy about it. But it’s helpful because as I fill my mind with all this information my unconscious mind has a heyday as it feeds my conscious mind ideas for compelling copy. It really is a blast. 🙂

But it’s a curse when I start to go down a rabbit trail that leads nowhere. Like today for example when I started learning about coding.

(I’ve gotten better because I only wasted 15 minutes… before I’d spend days trying to learn something I thought I needed to know to do something I thought I needed to do.)

It’s dangerous territory trying to learn it all. Instead I recommend mastering just a few things. Wouldn’t you rather be the best at ONE thing than average at a lot of things?

If you’re a copywriter than be the best copywriter you can be.

If you’re an athlete choose ONE sport to excel at.

If you’re a chess player than master the game, don’t try to be an amazing poker, backgammon and checkers player too.

I’m primarily a copywriter and a growth strategist. My job is to solve difficult marketing problems for clients and help them increase profit.

So that’s what I focus on. Coding would be nice to learn but it’s a distraction.