Some might say I’m borderline OCD.

I drink out of the same red coffee cup every day. I like to organize my closet based on type of shirts and color. And I can’t focus if there’s a crumpled piece of paper on my desk.

Not sure if I’m OCD but I know one thing: I can obsess over things.

And not just about coffee cups and closets. I obsess over weird things… like trying to figure out “the best” system for journaling.

Or what should I post on my personal blog? And how long should the posts be? And who is my target audience? Should I put a photo on each post? And on and on it goes.

You might laugh but it takes up a lot of mental space.

I was thinking about this today and it hit me that I was obsessing over the wrong things. Instead of obsessing about my blog I would be better off obsessing over more important things.

Such as the new company I’m launching for financial advisors. I have a lot of work to do there. And I still need to devote some “deep thinking” time to several challenges.

Figuring out some of the solutions to my challenges could translate into tens of thousands of dollars in recurring revenue each month. It’s worth obsessing over.

And yet here I am trying to figure out if I should go back to a paper based journal system or stick to digital… or a hybrid! Agh, what should I do?! I must know!

It’s crazy. I know. But admitting you have a problem is the first step to change. The next step is to make a decision to change what I obsess about.

What about you?

Are you obsessing over the wrong things? Are there areas of your life or business you really should be dwelling on more?

If so, here’s what you can do to change what “your obsession.”

The next time you catch yourself obsessing over something trivial stop and ask if it’d be better to obsess over that thing or the really important thing you should be thinking about.

And then practice obsessing over the important things during the day. You can even set yourself reminders to think about your most important project, goal or dream.

Discipline yourself to do it until it becomes a habit. Remember, you can choose your thoughts and obsessions. Choose wisely.