We all need a mentor because we all have blind spots.

We only know so much. We’re not strong in every area. Yes, you have gifts and a unique ability but you also have weaknesses. Things you’re not good at.

And sometimes your weaknesses cause you to stagnate. You may be great at creating and managing systems but still struggle to see the big picture.

Or maybe you’re a gifted strategists but a bad tactician. You can dream but you don’t know how to turn it into reality.

Or maybe you’ve had a measure of success as a freelancer but you really want to own a business, not a job. But you’re not sure how to make that transition… that’s me.

So yesterday when I had a call with one of my mentors and he started asking me about my business I got really excited.

I remembered why it’s so important to have people in your life who have gone before you and are willing to help you.

These people will teach you things that no book, podcast or course could ever hope to teach you.

They have a whole lifetime of experience and if they’re good listeners, and truly care, they can tell you exactly what you need to hear, when you need to hear it.

These relationships are priceless. I’m very grateful for every mentor I’ve had in my life.

So what qualities should you look for when seeking a mentor? Here’s some ideas:

1) Someone you trust has your best interests in mind: You want to be mentored by someone who you truly believe cares about you. I you don’t have that level of trust then it’ll be hard to be honest with them.

2) Someone who you really respect: You’ll have a hard time acting on advice from someone you don’t respect. If you resent them then you’ll likely learn very little. It’s important you have someone you can “look up to.”

3) Someone who has done what you want to do: Why take advice from someone who has not accomplished what you want to accomplish? You want to be mentored by someone who has real world experience in the area you want to excel in.

When you find someone like this then make that relationship a priority. No matter how busy you are.

Remember, we all need mentors because none of us know it all. And we all have blind spots. Find a mentor and make room for that relationship.