Yesterday I wrote a post where I shared a story about making money to help pay for the downpayment on our new home.

And this morning I was in the shower thinking, “Was that mistake? Is it bad to talk about money publicly? If so, why?”

It just got me thinking about the whole idea of “money being taboo to talk about.”

The only times I’ve ever asked people about their income have been when I’m coaching freelancers or helping friends with their finances and budgeting.

During those situations it’s necessary to talk about how much money they make. And I’ve noticed that it seems like a relief for people to be able to finally have a safe place where they can discuss financial matters openly instead of bottling it up in their own mind.

So since I know open and honest communication is generally a healthy thing, I’m wondering if the whole, “don’t talk about money” social norm is actually doing more harm than good.

I don’t know. I’m trying to figure this out myself. Especially since I’m a blogger and one of the main things I want to help people do is to “leave Egypt (poverty and slavery) and enter their Promised Land (abundance and freedom).”

I feel like this is the path I’m on and I want to “document” my journey to help others. But it’s going to be really hard to do if I never reveal financial specifics.

Because you’ll have readers, like myself, who are skeptical when people only talk about “revenue and sales” but never talk about “profit and income.”

And honestly I’m irritated at this “social norm” of not talking about money. It feels silly to be so weird about money, especially since everyone has to deal with it!

So as I thought about this I of course turned to Google for help. I searched: ‘why you should not talk about money’

Here were the articles I read (or at least skimmed really well!):

The Money Taboo: Why It Exists, Who It Benefits, And How To Navigate It

If your friends don’t talk about money, you need new friends

Never Tell Anyone How Much Money You Make

Is It Rude to Talk About Money? Millennials Don’t Think So

The Things You Should Never Talk About

In that last post the author says:

“I don’t care if you have it or you don’t, you should never talk about money. Those who have money and talk about how much money they have are assholes. No one cares how much you made on your bonus or what your annual income before taxes is. You are tacky, conceited and I promise you that not one person cares.”

Yikes! So according to her I would be an asshole if I start talking about money! I really would prefer not being labeled an asshole so maybe I should just drop the issue… maybe she’s right.

Or maybe not…

That Forbes articles has a good section that talks about the “The Cons Of The Money Taboo.” The author shares a story from a 28-year-old woman who had an epiphany. She said:

“The idea that money shouldn’t be discussed is just for someone for whom money doesn’t matter.”

In other words, it’s more a luxury for the wealthy to be able to ignore money talk. They don’t have to talk about it because it’s not a problem they’re trying to solve.

So it’s a very interesting debate. And I still have to do more research and thinking before I decide where I stand on the issue.

I respect bloggers like Pat Flynn who posts his monthly income statements on his blog. He is very transparent (I don’t think he shares his actual personal income, just business income).

Anyway, I suppose his blog would be a great one to study as it relates to this. He’s never been one to flaunt his money and he seems like a normal guy with a humble attitude.

So off to read his blog now. More to come…