I will no longer look at charts like this for this blog!

Last night I was complaining to my wife about my blog.

“I’m frustrated Babe,” I said as I was brushing my teethe.


“I made the mistake of checking my analytics yesterday and got discouraged because nobody reads my blog.”*

“But I thought the point of this blog was just to have fun and post something every day?”

“It is, but it just feels stupid to publish something every day and have nobody read it.”

After going back and forth like this for about 20 minutes I finally asked my wife what she thinks I should do.

“You should turn off your analytics so you never have to look at it again. And if you’re going to do this then have fun with it. This blog is not your main business, it’s just a personal blog so who cares how many readers you have.”

At first I thought, “WHAT? Are you serious? Turn off Google Analytics?!”

But then I realized she was right.

My goal with this blog was simply to publish something every day.

It’s not to amass a huge following.

It’s not to generate revenue.

It’s supposed to be a fun place to write whatever I want to write.

Is “writing whatever I want to write” a good SEO strategy? Of course not!

But if I’m going to do this every day it can’t feel like more “work writing.” My wife is right, it has to be “fun.” And I’m not good at having fun. So I’m learning.

But next step is removing Google Analytics. I just logged into WordPress and deleted the tracking code!

No more freaking out about how much traffic I have. I’m free from that. I can focus more on writing and having fun here!

*By nobody I mean less than 150 sessions a month.