What if tomorrow you decided to stop trying to fit in?

What if you woke up and you were free to be yourself 100%?

What if you spoke your heart without worrying what others thought?

What if you wrote without editing to reach a broader audience?

Just imagine how your life would be different if you weren’t constantly trying to make everyone like you.

You may think, “Oh, then I’d just be a jerk. I’d be offending people all the time.”

But would you really? Are you a jerk? Do you hate people?

I doubt it. Most people are not jerks. If you’re not, then the fear of “being a jerk” is just smoke in mirrors. It has no basis in reality.

It’s just another fear tactic the enemy uses to silence us.

And we must push past it. But it takes courage. It takes courage to be the ONE person in a group of people to stand up and do the right thing.

It also takes courage to not do the thing everyone else is doing.

The desire to be part of the pack is so strong. Some never break free from it. And they forget who they are. They surrender their heart, convictions and will to the group. They would rather do anything then stand out.

But not you. You’re different. Have the courage to stand up and speak the truth.