My commute from the office to home.

Before I quit my job to freelance full-time I would spend two hours a day commuting.

I lived in Washington and worked across the river in Portland, OR. I worked 8–5 Monday-Friday. And so I would have to leave my house a little before 7:00 a.m. since I never knew how bad traffic would be. Some days it’d take 50 minutes. Other days 70 minutes.

And the company I worked for was strict about being on time. If we were 2 minutes late then we had to make up those 2 minutes on our lunch (no joke). So if there was a wreck that caused me to clock in at 8:02 a.m. then I would have to take a 58-minute lunch instead of a 60-minute lunch.

So not only was I spending two hours a day (40 hours a month) in traffic. I was also stressed about always being late. It was not fun.

But I’m glad it bothered me so much because it motivated me to do something about it. I started listening to podcasts about starting home-based businesses, goal setting and finding or creating work you love.

I finally quit my job in May 2011.

Today my commute is a whole 30 seconds. I have a 10×20’ office building on our property. I snapped the photo above this morning out of the front door of my office.

I love working from home. And I love that I don’t have to commute anymore.

And I’ve been thinking about this lately because last week one of the men from my church told us he spends 3–4 hours a day commuting. That’s 70 hours a month!

Not only is it exhausting, it’s also expensive because most people don’t get paid for their commute. So even if you only made $15/hour that would still come to $1,050 a month if you replaced your commute time with work time. And that’s not even counting the money you spend on gas.

So what about you? If you commute to work how many hours a month do you spend in the car?

Now imagine if you never had to do that again. It may seem too good to be true but it’s certainly possible. But you have to start with the desire. With the vision that you can work from home and never have to sit in traffic again going to a job you despise.

It’s been six years since I quit my job to work from home full time and I want to start thinking about ways I can help others do the same. So I’ll probably be writing about this more in the coming days.

So if this is of interest to you then I encourage you to bookmark this blog or subscribe to it so you don’t miss anything. Stay tuned!