Do you have any daily practices? Things you do every single day so you can achieve mastery?

It’s amazing how much progress you can make simply by committing to doing something daily for an extended period of time.

I once heard someone say, “People tend to overestimate what they can accomplish in a day and underestimate what they can accomplish in a year.”

I’ve found this to be true in my life… especially when you decide to commit to a daily practice for at least one year.

But let’s be real, daily practices are hard because you don’t see immediate results.

Sometimes it seems like you’re not getting better at all because your skill level is improving so gradually.

Why You Should Document Your Progress from the Beginning

It’s a good idea to document your progress from the beginning. Keep a record of that first sketch you ever drew or the first song you ever played.

Personally, I’ll pull out one of my journal entries from 2003 or a blog post from 2007 to remember what my writing was like back then.

Thankfully, it’s improved somewhat. I’m happy about that but not content. I want to keep improving so that when I read this blog post in 2027, when I’m 42 years old, I can notice, hopefully, that I’ve gotten better.

But it’s hard to do something daily. I know.

I once did 100 pushups a day for 777 days straight. Sometimes I got my last pushup in just minutes before midnight. My wife would glance over the side of the bed and laugh at me. It was a little ridiculous but I felt it was important to do it.

I got a little stronger in my arms. But the bigger benefit was the “commitment strength” I built.

Will Over Mind and Emotion

Making a decision and deciding to stick to it, day in and day out, is a challenge.

There will be days that you just don’t feel like doing it. But that’s where the rubber meets the road. That’s when you discover what’s really in control of you… is it your mind, your will or your emotions?

When your will is stronger than your emotions, and even your mind, you become unstoppable.

But the problem is that most people are slaves to either their minds or their emotions (I know some of you will argue that your will and your mind are the same but they’re not, but that’s a post for another day!).

The more we can use our minds and emotions as servants, instead of masters, the more free we will be to harness the power of our will.

And it’s the will that will enable you to stick to your daily practice over the long haul.

Right now, my practice is publishing blog post every day. I’m on Day #134. My goal is to publish a post for 10 years straight. We’ll see if I do, right? 🙂