Main Street BG tonight

Tonight I went grocery shopping and then came home to an empty house. My wife took the kids to her Aunt Heidi’s house to help get ready for her sister’s high school grad party that’s happening tomorrow.

So I made myself some dinner and then picked some greens from our garden and made a green smoothie! It was delicious. I sat out on the front porch enjoying it while listening to this podcast by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

Green smoothie from the garden!

He was talking about praying for your city. He shared stories of what they used to do back in the 1970’s. They would have all-night prayer meetings and sometimes just go pray over places in town.

As I listened I felt the urge to go pray for my city, Battle Ground. Since I was home alone it was easy for me to just hop in the car and leave. So I did!

I parked at the skate park and sat there for a little while just watching the kids skate and praying silently. I pulled out my journal and pretended to sketch (not sure why). Probably didn’t want to feel awkward sitting alone… and I guess sitting alone and sketching is totally normal.

Anyway, after that I walked down Main Street. As I was walking past a restaurant that a friend of mine owns he saw me through the window and waved. So I came in and had a nice talk with Mike. He’s such a cool guy and I’m grateful to know him.

We talked about Battle Ground and how we both love it here. He said, “Out of all the places I’ve lived, this is by far my favorite.”

I then continued walking down Main Street just looking at the shops and praying for their success. Then I walked past the high school I graduated from in 2002 and prayed over that. And I finally went to my old apartment complex, the one I used to sell drugs out of back in the day, and prayed over that too.

I don’t usually do this kind of thing but now I’m like, why not?! It was a great night and it got me stirred up even more to see my city transformed. I’m excited about what God’s doing here and I want to be part of it.

I’m not sure why I’m sharing this on here. I realize this is more of a “journal” type of entry. But whatever, it’s my blog. 🙂 And my excuse is that I still have not figured out what the heck this blog is supposed to be about!!

All I know is I have to post something daily. And I also have to be honest. I also want to document my journey, which is more than just about business.

If I only share that then you only get one side of the story. It’s one dimensional Plus, let’s just admit it, talking about business, work and money 100% of the time is boring.

I’m learning from my wife that it’s important to have fun too. To relax and take it easy.

Speaking of my wife, she just pulled in the driveway with the kids. Time to go help her put them to bed. Good night!

P.S. Here’s a picture from our garden today:

Our garden as of today!