I quit using cocaine in 2004 after I was born again.

I no longer had drug cravings and I had hope for the future for the first time.

But even though my spirit was born again I still struggled a lot with my thought life.

So one of the first Christian books I ever read was The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer.

I remember reading something about how you can actually decide what thoughts to have. Maybe most people already knew this their whole life, but for me, a 21-year old ex-drug addict, this discovery rocked my world!

For the first time ever I shifted from a passive recipient of any thoughts that came my way to a powerful person who decided what thoughts were allowed to take place in my mind.

“Take every thought captive” became the new theme for thought life.

And even though it’s been almost 13 years since I had this revelation I still revisit it for one simple reason: I forget!

So I want to remember things like:

  • I’m the one in control of my thoughts.
  • I can decide to focus on either what I don’t have or what I do have.
  • If I’m feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious it’s probably because of thoughts I’ve allowed.
  • If I want to be happy, peaceful and productive then I can’t afford to entertain negative thoughts.

As someone who is self-employed it can be tempting to go down the rabbit hole of fear, doubt and worry. But it’s dangerous territory down there. Sometimes when I venture down there it feels like I won’t make it out alive!

This is why I’m re-committing to “taking every thought captive.” To be intentional about the thoughts I have.

I have a renewed mind so I may as well use it!