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The Mistake of Telling a Client My Hourly Rate

A couple days ago I made the mistake of telling a client what my internal hourly rate was. And as soon as the words left my mouth I regretted it!

I had been working non-stop all that morning and even skipped lunch so I could cram some more copywriting time in. So by the time I left my home office at 3:00 to go meet this client, I was starving!

But I figured I would just order some food when I got to the coffee shop where I was meeting my client to discuss his project… But as I was on my way to the meeting I realized I forgot my wallet!

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How Much Should You Charge to Write a Blog Post?

how much to charge for blogging

When I first started freelancing in 2011 I was happy to get paid $50 to write a blog post.

Heck, I was happy to get paid anything back then!

I had just quit my job in corporate America and I did not have any regular clients. So any work was better than no work.

But you can’t survive on $50 blog posts. Even if it only takes you one hour to write it you have to remember you’re not actually making $50/hour. That’s because you still have a lot of non-billable work you have to do like invoicing, prospecting, submitting proposals, etc.

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