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My Super Simple Weekly Goal Setting Process

One of my weaknesses is overcomplicating things.

If you struggle with this too then I think you’re going to like today’s post. It’s my new analog “super simple weekly goal setting process.”

Here’s how it works:

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My New Full Focus Planner

Full Focus Planner

I’m going more and more analog these days!

And my latest move is back to a physical planner — the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt to be exact.

Mine arrived in the mail earlier this week and I started using it as soon as I got it. It’s not perfect but I’m enjoying it more than all the digital productivity and task management systems I’ve used. Here are some pics:

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7 Money-Making Scheduling Tips for Freelancers

I quit my job as an insurance agent in 2011 to freelance full-time.

During my first year of self-employment I made very little money but somehow still managed to stay “really busy.”

That’s because I was busy in all the wrong areas. I spent hundreds of hours building and tweaking my website, writing blog posts and yes going to meetings!

You would think after leaving Corporate America I would have learned that most meetings are a complete waste of time.

But sometimes I’m a slow learner.

Because 6 years ago my calendar was full of meetings. I was so desperate to make a living freelancing that I would talk to anyone who gave me a chance.

I did it in the name of “prospecting and networking” of course. But the truth is 95% of those meetings I should never have taken. These were not people in a position to hire me. They were just nice and willing to talk.

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How to Find Your Hourly Freelance Rate Using Toggl [Video]

If you’re a freelancer trying to find a good way to calculate your hourly rate then the video below is for you.

In it I show you how I use a free app called Toggl to track my time. I walk you through the exact process I use whenever I start a new project and show you how to run daily, weekly and annual reports to see where you’re spending your time.

$80/hr vs $200/hr Projects

I work as a freelance copywriter and I own a marketing agency.

So most my time is divided between those two areas. And recently I wanted to know how much I’m making per hour as a copywriter vs as an agency owner.

Since I use a free app called Toggl to track all my time, it was pretty easy to figure out.

First, I did the math on a $5,575 copywriting job I just finished. It took me 65 hours to do so I made $85.77/hr.

Then I ran a report on another recent copywriting project I did. My rate was $4,275 and it took me 54 hours to do, bringing my hourly rate to $79.16.

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