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Getting Unstuck (Advisors Grow Update)

“I’m getting so frustrated with this demo video I’m working on for Advisors Grow,” I told Lacie today while in the car.

“Why don’t you just put together a pitch deck and start selling these?” she said matter of factly.

As soon as she said it I realized that’s exactly what I should do!

That idea also triggered several more ideas of things I could do now to start generating sales for Advisors Grow:

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Advisor Dinner Seminar Campaign 90% Done!

Advisor Dinner Seminar Campaign

What it looks like “under the hood” in Infusionsoft

We’re getting closer to launching Advisors Grow!

I had a 90-minute Skype call today with Dylan, our project manager, about the Dinner Seminar Campaign… which is one of the most important campaigns in this whole offering.

And I was excited to hear this campaign is just about done!

To give you some context about just how critical this campaign is let me share a quick story with you.

One of my advisor clients spent $20,000 and about 2-3 months of his time trying to get an automated Dinner Seminar Campaign created. And after all that time and money invested it still wasn’t functional!

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Advisors Grow Update: Creating the Campaigns

Mindmap of one of our campaigns.

I want to start sharing regular status updates on Advisors Grow, the “marketing as-a-service” company we’re launching soon.

My thinking is if I share snapshots like this consistently then down the road readers will be able to look back and see how this company was built from the ground up.

If we do well they’ll serve as real life business lessons of what to do.

If we fail they’ll be lessons of what not to do. 🙂 So either way, it’ll be helpful.

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