The other day was my birthday. It was actually my wife’s birthday too… and our wedding anniversary!

Yes, we share the same birthdays and we got married on that day.

And this year it was her turn to pick what we did. We usually just go out to a nice restaurant or something. So I figured that’s what we were doing.

But we pulled into a place in downtown Vancouver called the Feral Public House and to my surprise there were about 15 of my close friends and family there.

I had never had a surprise party before so that was cool!

And it got me thinking about how much I enjoyed it even though I love to plan things out and I like to think I don’t like surprises.

But every now and then it’s good to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. So I’m thankful for my wife, the fun one in our relationship, who put this together.

We all had a great time and so glad I didn’t plan it this year!