I’m feeling pretty discouraged right now.

My wife and I took this Strengthfinder’s test and today we went to our coaching session where someone walked us through each of our strengths.

Afterwards I allowed myself to get discouraged because I started to focus on the negative thoughts that I was getting.

One of the things that came up in the session is how so many of my gifts, especially the ones in the Influencing category, require me to be in meaningful relationships with people.

And if I’m honest, I don’t have many of those relationships in my life. I’m a loner. I’m independent and like to do things by myself. But the downside to that is that I’m not operating in my gifts.

So today’s experience was good in that it was eye-opening and gave me more knowledge about why I am the way I am and also gave me some clues as to why I struggle with certain things.

Take this blog for example. It’s honestly been a real struggle for me to publish a new post every day because I know so few people read it. I feel like I’m “speaking into the void.”

Plus, it lacks a clear Focus (which is one of my strengths). I have no vision or goal I’m working toward and so it feels pointless.

So what should I do about this?

I feel like I need to do two things:

1) Be intentional about developing real authentic relationships in my life where I can be vulnerable.


2) Get clear about why I’m doing things (goals & vision stuff).

I think if I work on those two things I’ll be in a better place. But right now I feel pretty crappy.