Sovereignty, Free Will

Great talk this morning with my friend Dan (No, Dan is not my invisible friend. I just took the pic after he left).

It’s Saturday and since I decided that Saturdays will be Free Days from now on I refuse to think or write about anything work related.

So instead I’ll talk about a great conversation I just had with my friend Dan Freiss.

We were talking about life, God, giftings, etc. when I told him how I often struggle with the fear of wasting my life. And how I wonder, “Am I really doing what God has called me to do?”

He told me how Ryan Townsend, a mutual friend of ours, has challenged him concerning the sovereignty of God on multiple occasions.

“You’re exactly where you need to be,” is what he said Ryan would say.

This led us to a deeper discussion of Sovereignty vs Free Will.

He started talking about how both are true. I just smiled and pulled out my Kindle and read to him a quote I just read last night before I fell asleep:

“It is easy to prefer a particular theological slant, build a monument around it, and become deaf or adversarial to its important counterpoint.

For example, I am much more Armenian in background than I am Calvinst. Yet some of my dearest friends are Calvanists. I love to hear the Holy Spirit work through them, because there is freshness to what they teach. I become convinced of God’s sovereignty and leave that meeting with a conviction that “God chose me, I didn’t choose Him!”

Conversely, when I sit in a meeting where the opposite point is stressed, I also leave with a conviction – that of free will, the power of our choice, my responsibility as a delegated one on this planet, and that the outcome of His purposes depends upon the faithfulness of God’s people. Which is true? Both are.”
Dreaming with God, pg. 146, Bill Johnson

As Dan shared these things with me I felt a peace come over me. It’s good to be reminded that God is sovereign. If I’m honest, I’ve resisted this truth because I’ve reacted to how some in the church have misused this teaching.

But now I’m realizing my offense at this teaching has caused me to miss out on some of God’s peace in my life. It’s a good thing to have the assurance that He has a plan for my life and that He is will guide my steps.

So just wanted to share this because it’s helping me with my struggle to figure out God’s calling and and what to do with my life. Hope it helps you too.