Yesterday one of my clients emailed me an idea about a new product he wants to launch.

He said if I’d write the copy for the sales page I could get a commission on sales. I looked at the product and it was good. My client also has authority in this area.

I bet if I did it I could make some money.

But I said no.


Because I’m already spread too thin. I have enough of my own good ideas that I have not yet fully implemented. And if I say yes to this it means I’m saying no to something else.

There’s an opportunity cost to everything.

Right now my main goal is to get Advisors Grow launched and to also grow Insurance Funnels. Both of those business models are focused on recurring revenue.

They’re also businesses that are intentionally not built around me. When your business is you become hard to replace I realized. And that’s now what I want.

I want a business system I can own. I’m tired of being the system.

So I find myself more quick to say no these days. Both to other peoples’ idea and my own.

Instead I’m going to go water my garden now and think of how I can make my new platform Advisors Grow the best in the industry!