One of the dangers of coming under the influence of marketing gurus is the temptation to follow their dogmatic ideas without thinking.

For example, many gurus will tell you why “outbound marketing” is dead. And that more sophisticated or progressive marketers will focus on inbound.

They preach a message that essentially says, “It’s wrong to interrupt people with your marketing. The right way to market is to attract people to you.”

They look down on anyone who practices outbound marketing and they’ll even lead you to believe that people will hate you if you do it.

But it’s a bunch of crap. Here’s the truth from someone in the marketing trenches… someone who isn’t writing books about marketing or speaking at conferences about the latest trends.

I’m a freelancer trying to support my family with my craft. I offer a quality service (copywriting and consulting) and I’m not ashamed to let people know about it.

The truth is that outbound marketing – when done right – can not only be effective but it can also be done in a way that the people who you’re “interrupting” appreciate.

Don’t believe me?

Then whey did I get this email earlier today from someone I sent a cold email to? Read it.

He says, “Hey man nice video. Very impressed.”

Now that doesn’t sound like someone who is angry, upset or mad at me for interrupting his inbox.

And yes, I know this can be abused. You could be a spammer. But that’s not what I’m advocating. I’m saying that if you take the time to really think through who you want to help and how you craft your message, then you can get responses like these.

So what’s the lesson? Don’t believe all the gurus out there who demand you conform to their way of marketing. It’s dogma. Use your brain. Think for yourself.