Last year I created my first online course.

It was a 6-week course teaching insurance agents the ABC’s of online marketing. I sold it for $1,900.

I was hoping to get 10–15 people to join. I got 4. 🙁

So I got discouraged and didn’t do it again.

Why? Because sometimes I do dumb things. I wish I had a better answer. But it’s the truth.

It gets worse though. One of those students turned around and hired me to do the things I taught him how to do in the course.

He bought my full meal deal and is a good monthly client today.

He owns multiple agencies and after we built his first website and started managing his PPC campaigns for a few months he turned around and hired us to do the same thing for another agency he owns.

Bottom line: the course not only generated profit from the tuition but also generated more profit on the back end.

If I was giving advice to myself I would tell myself to run another class. And who cares if I only get 4 this time too… that’s still $7,600 – ad costs. Even if I spent $250 to acquire each of those sales that’d only be $1,000 so I’d still net $6,600.

And then hopefully I convert at least one more of those students into an agency client too.

So now that I think about it I probably will run this class again.

But the point I’m trying to make is that sometimes we need to say NO to the “next thing” so we can say YES to the thing that’s already proven to work.

Even if it didn’t work as well as we thought it would it still may be worth improving. We have to resist the temptation to always reach for the new thing. New is not always better or profitable.