We just moved into our new home a few days ago. And yesterday we finally got internet hooked up.

I was excited because I was in my new home office working away when I got a call from a random number.

“Hello, this is Josh,” I said.

“Hi, this is Alex from Century Link. Just calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow to get internet setup,” the caller said.

“Oh, I already got it hooked up. You guys came out yesterday,” I said.

“Oh, Ok. There must have been a mixup. Can I just confirm your address?”

The address he gave me was one digit off so I told him and he updated it in the system. But as soon as he did, I lost internet.

Long story short: by correcting the typo in my address he deactivated service! He transferred me to another person who told me that she would have to have a technician come out tomorrow to fix it.

I asked if they could just re-activate internet at the old incorrect address they had on file in the meantime so I could have internet again.

They couldn’t do that.

So no more internet until tomorrow. I could feel myself getting mad at “the stupid internet company for doing something dumb.”

But I tried to calm down and remind myself that it’s not worth it to freak out about things outside my control. So I just took a moment to lay down and take some deep breathes.

Afterward I opened my eyes and remembered I could turn my phone into a hotspot. So I did and finished my work day just fine.

It was a good reminder for me to not freak out about things outside my control.

Now think about the stress in your life or business. Are there things you’re worrying about that you have no control over? Then take a deep breathe and just let it go and reallocate your energy to the things you can control.