My new teapot!

I started making loose leaf chai again.

I spent a couple weeks in India years ago and fell in love with their tea.

Since then I’ve perfected my recipe and almost everyone who tries it tells me they love it.

But during our last move I lost my old teapot. So as a “workaround” I would pour my chai from the the pot I just made it in through a strainer and into a cup. The process was messy and annoying.

I would still get the “end result” (a nice hot cup of chai) but the process was not enjoyable.

So yesterday I went to World Market with my wife and kids and I picked out a new teapot (the one shown above)!

This morning I made chai and the whole process was enjoyable. Now when I pour it I get a nice steady stream of chai out of the spout right into my special cup I got when I was in India.

Why do I share this? Because I want you to think about the tools you use in your craft.

If you’re a writer or a designer then why not buy the best laptop on the market? I bought a Macbook Pro last year and love it!

If you blog why not invest a few bucks in a writing app that makes the process feel good? I use Byword and I love it.

If you make landing pages why not buy the software that feels good when you use it? We use Unbounce because all the other products out there just weren’t good enough (they were “spilling” our chai on the counter).

My point is: if your work matters then invest in good tools. You, and your clients, deserve it.