Haystack Rock Today

“I know it’s OK quit. I just haven’t yet,” I told my wife as I looked out the passenger side window of our RV at the big Astoria Bridge we were about to cross.

“No, I’m not saying it’s OK if you quit. I’m saying you HAVE TO quit. You’re starting to drive me crazy telling me how you hate blogging daily but you feel like you have to do it because of some commitment you made to yourself,” she said.

“I’m going to quit. I just haven’t decided if I should quit on Day 300 – which is tomorrow – or Day 365. If I make it to Day 365 I can say I blogged daily for a year at least,” I said.

“Just quit. Who cares when you do. Nobody reads it so who cares.”

“OK, I’ll quit on Day 300.”

And that’s pretty much the conversation I had today that sealed the deal for me quitting this daily blog.

When I first started publishing daily it was fun. I had this romantic idea that I would “show my work” and document my journey as an entrepreneur so people could see what it’s really like growing a business.

But I suck at showing my work.

Plus, I hate cranking out crappy blog posts. I spend 20 minutes a day writing these so of course they suck. I’m not proud of them and they serve no greater purpose other than “posting daily.”

And it’s stupid because I have 3 other businesses that need content and I’m not writing for them. One of them is Insurance Funnels. My most profitable business right now.

Do you know how many blog posts I have published there in the last year?

Not 300.
Not 30
Not 3.

I’ve published ONE post!!

Yes. It’s stupid.

But tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is the day I get to quit posting daily “personal blogs” so I can focus on what I actually want to do: building my businesses.

Creating helpful content that will add value to my industry.

It feels good to quit.

In fact quitting things (drugs, job, debt) is one of my secrets to success!!

So what about you?

What “good idea” do you need to quit?