I was sitting outside this morning doing my Weekly Review when I realized I sold $8,950 worth of copywriting work this week.

There was a $3,500 Sales Funnel (landing pages + emails) I sold to a new client from the U.K. Then I sold another $3,750 Sales Funnel to an existing client. And then a $1,700 job to write some JV emails for a new client.

The first and the last job came because they were searching for a direct response copywriter on Google and my site is still on Page One.

The $3,750 job is a direct result of getting repeat work because of going the extra mile for this client on previous projects.

The sales process was slightly different for each one. So I’ll just share them with you.

1) $3,500 Job

On June 29th I got the following email:

I am looking for a Copywriter to improve my landing page, so I can improve the conversions on this page.

I have organized all the copy myself and it is not generating enough interest or conversions.

My aim is to focus on the Free Guide, we provide for a name and email address.

Our target client is Dealers, Motor Groups, Manufacturers, Warranty and Finance co’s that need high quality Point of sale materials, to advertise on their used car forecourts.

I’ve had a couple of Copywriters give me their verdicts and a price to work on this, but I’ve not been too convinced so far with their responses.

The page is here: URL

I’m also looking to split test certain elements of this page, over say a 3 month period.

Swapping out 1 part at a time, like the headline, body copy etc so we know exactly which parts are making an improvement.

If you’d like to run through things I can be contacted tomorrow – Friday if you have 15 mins to discuss?

We ended up scheduling a call but never ended up talking because I found out at the last minute he doesn’t use Skype and uses something called WhatsApp, which didn’t work for me.

So we just exchanged a bunch of emails and screencasts until he emailed me on July 19th letting me know he accepted my proposal.

I sent him a $500 downpayment link and we are are scheduled to talk on Tuesday for our kickoff call.

2) $3,750 Job

This sales was less involved. I’ve been doing consistent work for this client for most the year. In fact including this job, I’ve sold $15,375 worth of work to him in the last 4 months.

We had talked about this particular job a couple months ago and I followed up with him after we completed the last job. He didn’t move forward right away. But then suddenly emailed me and told me he had sent my 50% down payment in the mail.

3) $1,750 Job

This was another person who found me online. They are a $7 million company and really need help writing emails for JV launches they do.

The CEO is a well-known internet marketing expert. This is just a pilot project we’re doing where I’ll write a handful of emails for them for an upcoming launch. It’s not a big project but the potential for an ongoing recurring revenue client is big.

I had 4 calls with people from their team before they decided to hire me. I usually only do about 1 to 2 calls so that was unusual but it was ok.


It’s 11:14 p.m. and I honestly don’t have some profound insight to share with you (I’m tired!).

I feel like I got these jobs because of several factors: I followed up. I do good work. I rank well in Google. And I have a good sales process.

So I suppose each one of those points could be a future blog post. But I’m exhausted and ready to call it a night! So that’s all you get from me today! Ha.

Anyway, I’m thankful for every job I get and that I can continue working from home, making money as a copywriter. It feels good. If you want to do this too then do it! It’s hard work but it’s definitely possible to make a good living at it.