Do you ever wonder if it’s better to focus on habits or goals?

For the longest time I was more into goals than habits. I’d dream big and write down things I wanted to do like: quit my job, buy a house, summit Mt. Rainier.

I like goals because they inspire me. But then I started to get too obsessed with the “process” of goal setting. And somewhere along the way, the goal setting process became what it was about more than the actual goals/dreams.

I felt like it was getting unhealthy. Around this time I started hearing stories of people I respected who talked about how they no longer focused on goals. Instead they focused on habits. On “the process.”

I thought that sounded like just what I needed! It was brilliant. So decided not to do my big annual “goal setting” thing this year. Instead my “goal” was to focus on habits.

The biggest one being what I’m doing right now: publishing a daily blog post. I’m on Day #270. I haven’t broken that streak yet.

But yesterday I broke my 30-minute daily prayer habit after doing it for 62 days in a row.

Part of me is glad I broke it because it gives me a chance to re-evaluate what I’m actually trying to accomplish. With prayer it started to feel it was only about checking it off the list.

And if I’m honest I feel the same way about blogging. The only thing that matters is if I “did it” that day or not. And that feels so shallow. So pointless.

As I thought about this today I realized something: I need goals!

Without goals I feel like I’m playing a game without keeping score (something I hate!). I’m a very competitive person and I love keeping score.

So this whole “habits over goals” thing is starting to wear on me because there’s no scoreboard!

Part of wants to ditch my focus on habits altogether. But I think both are important. We need goals so we know where we’re going and so we can keep score.

But we also need habits to help us keep putting one foot in front of the next when we no longer have that initial “new goal excitement.”

So honestly I don’t think it’s one or the other. It’s “both and.” I’ll be thinking this through more in the coming days and likely be revisiting my goals for not just blogging but for prayer, business, and other things too.

More to come!