Goals you really want

If I were to ask you to take out a blank sheet of paper and write down 7 goals you’d like to achieve in the next 5 years what would you list?

Chances are you’d come up with 1–3 things that you’d really want to do and then fill in the rest with things you think you should want.

For example, if you’re not happy with your body weight you may put something about losing weight (or gaining weight if you’re a skinny guy like me).

Or maybe you feel guilty about how you manage money so you write down, “I want to save $10,000 by this time next year.”

The problem with this approach is that unless you really want something then these goals just become chores. Burdens that society applauds. You may hate working on them but you get positive reinforcement when people hear how “dedicated and disciplined” you are.

So you trudge on.

Until one day you put the self-help book down, press pause on the treadmill and walk across the street and buy yourself a venti mocha.

As you sip on your coffee you push the thought away of, “I really should have saved this $5 instead of bought this coffee. Man, I suck. I’m going to quit everything… working out, saving money, reading books… it’s just not worth it.”

Do you know why these things happen?

It’s because you chose goals that had no heart connection. They came from your head. In other words you didn’t choose goals you actually wanted.

I know what I’m talking about because I go through this all the time. In fact, I’m dealing with it now. I’m in the middle of this stupid 10-year daily blog commitment I made 285 days ago.

And I don’t like it. I don’t want it. I just thought it would be good for me to discipline myself to write and publish something new every day.

But the more I do it, the more I hate it.

What do I really want to do?

I thought about that this morning and I realized I want to increase the percentage of my income I get from recurring revenue. Right about 28% of my income comes from recurring revenue. I want it to be closer to 80%.

I wrote down the specific dollar amount I want to reach and the date I want to reach it by and I smiled.

This is what I want right now. Some will frown on this and tell me I should just keep blogging daily. But why? Why force myself to do things I don’t want to do? Especially if I don’t see it serving some big important purpose?

(Btw, I realize you do have to do things in life you don’t want to do. That’s a subject for another post.)

My point is that if you’re going to choose goals then why not choose things you actually want!

They say you’re reasons why are more important then the goal itself. In other words, the secret to achieving your goals is motivation.

And I know of no better way to zap your motivation then to work day in and day out on something you don’t want.

So now, take out that list again and write down 7 things you really want!!