“I’m getting so frustrated with this demo video I’m working on for Advisors Grow,” I told Lacie today while in the car.

“Why don’t you just put together a pitch deck and start selling these?” she said matter of factly.

As soon as she said it I realized that’s exactly what I should do!

That idea also triggered several more ideas of things I could do now to start generating sales for Advisors Grow:

  • I could start email prospecting
  • I could start tapping my personal network
  • I could create a simple product overview page

The list went on. I was suddenly free from banging my head against a wall with this stupid demo video that I thought I had to make (and make perfectly).

All it took was a different perspective from someone who knows me, my situation and my goals. And someone who is not as emotionally involved in the project as me.

It was a good lesson today. I realized I need to involve Lacie more in this business. She can see things I’m blind to sometimes.

I believe a big reason is because she’s not so “close” to it. For some reason when we get so close to something we stop seeing the obvious next steps.

Does this happen to you?

If so who can you bounce some ideas off today? Who knows you, your situation and your goals but is not emotionally tied to the outcome like you are?

Call them. Go to coffee. Meetup. Let them know where you’re stuck. And then really listen.