This whole home buying thing is crazy!

We’ve been looking at home after home trying to find the “right” one.

But what does that mean anyway? Of course it needs to be within our budget and in the location we want. But outside that there are so many variables.

Do we want to have a little bigger home in a subdivision in town or a smaller home in the country on some land?

Should we build or buy?

Are we ok getting a home if it doesn’t have room to park our RV or are we ok paying $90/month to store it?

Do we want to use a real estate agent or just deal with the sellers directly?

If we wait until Summer will we find a better deal? Will the market take another dip?

Ahh!!! So many questions.

And then when you do find a home you “love” it triggers a whole new series of questions: is this a good deal? Is there anything wrong with it? Is the price negotiable? Are we competing with other buyers? And on and on!

The reason I’m sharing all of this is because we’re in the midst of all this right now and it’s all that’s on my mind so I can think of nothing else to blog about!

My wife found a home she loves outside of Battle Ground. It’s a FSBO and she looked at it yesterday and told me how much she loved it. So I went there at noon today and checked it out.

I loved it too! It’s a smaller home, 1,400 sq. ft. with 3 bedrooms but it has 1 acre of land, which has been taken care of well. It also has a 10×20 out building work area which I could use for my office. And a place to park our RV!

So I loved it and so does Lacie.

We’re supposed to meet with the sellers tomorrow to potentially sign an agreement. But now we’re like, “Oh crap! Is this really what we want?!”

So anyway, it’s almost midnight and just had to write about this some to process it. Now time to go freak out with my wife some more (hopefully we get some sleep tonight!).