Yesterday I wrote about the risks of documenting your journey online.

After weighing the risks I decided the reward is worth it. So that’s what my main focus will be on this blog going forward (at least for this next season of my life).

So now that I’ve decided that I want to “show my work” and share with the world an honest account of what it’s like going from being a broke freelancer to a wealthy entrepreneur my next question is:

What part of my journey is going to be helpful to readers?

Sure I could post photos and videos of me working from my motorhome on my MacBook. I could try to highlight how “cool” it is to be able to work wherever I want.

But that’s so shallow.

Sure, it may inspire people to quit their jobs and freelance full time. But how does is it actually help them?

Besides I’m going from being a freelancer to an entrepreneur, so I’m really not that interested in trying to show off how exciting the “freelance life” is. Because, honestly there’s less freedom in freelancing then I originally thought!

I can see now that the real freedom is in being an entrepreneur/business owner where you build or acquire assets that generate income for you without you doing all the work. 

Trading time for money is not freedom (no matter where you’re doing it from).

So again, I’m wondering, “What stories, lessons and experiences do I share that will actually help other people like me who are on this entrepreneurial journey?”

Here are some ideas:

1) Mindset: I think we can all agree that one of our biggest enemies is not “out there” but actually between our ears. Limiting thoughts, self-destructive behaviors and poor decision making skills do us more damage then the economy, the government or any competitor. So I believe any honest lessons I learn in this area will be helpful.

2) Sales and Marketing: We all need to be good in these areas (or at least partner with others who are). It doesn’t matter how awesome your product or service is if nobody knows about it or buys it. So I plan to share insights in this area too.

3) Partnerships: As I transition from being a solo freelancer to being an entrepreneur I see how critical it is to form good partnerships. And to find good partners you have to be a good partner yourself. This is an area I want to continue to grow in and so I’d like to share y experiences in this area too.

4) Vision and Dreams: All the successful entrepreneurs I’ve known are also visionary types. They know how to dream big and take action towards those dreams. So I’d like to also share my experiences and lessons when it comes to dreams, visions, etc.

5) Productivity: Time is our most valuable and limited resource. So it only makes sense that we continue to figure out new and better ways to manage ourselves so we can invest our time in the most profitable ways. I plan to continue to grow in this area and share what I learn.

So there you go. Those are five ideas off the top of my head that I think would be helpful to readers. But I’m sure those will change and evolve over time as I get to know you (my reader) better!