dead mole

We just bought a new house last month with a nice big yard. I love how green it is and I’m doing my best to maintain the lawn.

So when I noticed mole hills in the yard I decided to call my brother-in-law, Roman, who is an expert mole assassin.

He has a side business where he’ll set the traps and kill the moles on a commission basis. I was glad to pay him to rid me of these pests!

He came over today and showed me Mole #2 that he eliminated. I was happy.

As I looked at the dead mole I remembered something I recently read from the book Work the System by Sam Carpenter (who also happens to be a client of mine):

I saw that the solution to my business problems did not lie in becoming more proficient at whacking moles – the solution was to find a way to eliminate the moles altogether. I had to put aside the hammer and dig down into those tunnels to find out exactly where those moles hid.

What Sam is talking about is the process of isolating individual subsystems of your business and optimizing them so that your business starts to run like a well-oiled machine.

You can either spend your time trying to whack the moles that pop up. Or you can do, what may initially feel like harder work, and tweak the underlying system that’s causing the problem to surface in the first place.

As I continue to go from being self-employed to being a business owner this is something I constantly have to remember. I normally want to just whack the mole. But I’m learning to take the time to eradicate them altogether.

It takes more patience and thought but in the long run I believe it’ll be worth it.