copywriting process

I started work on a new copywriting project today. It’s for a $6,000, one-on-one coaching program for a client of mine.

My job is to write the copy for a sales page, three emails and two video scripts. He also hired us to design the sales page (my wife Lacie designs those).

So since one of my goals for this blog is to “show my work” I decided to snap some photos of my whiteboard after one of my Focus Sessions:

copywriting process

Outlining the sales page.

copywriting process

Audience 1st. Then features/benefits.

I’m not going to dive into my whole research and copywriting process right now.

But as you can see, I focus first on who the audience is.

Then I make a features/facts list of the product or service. Then I translate the features into benefits.

Sometimes when I feel stuck I’ll switch from typing on my computer to writing on the whiteboard. I don’t know why it helps, but it does.

However, the lists on my computer are much more comprehensive then what you see written on the whiteboard. That’s just how I “jump start” the creative process.

Anyway, just wanted to share a little behind the scenes footage today.

P.S. Here’s what my kids helped contribute to the process:

Lacie’s on the left and Lily’s on the right.

Emma’s new favorite thing to draw.