As a copywriter it’s easy to simply be an order taker.

A client tells you they want copy for 5 emails and a landing page for a new launch they’re doing.

But when you see their offer you instinctively know they need to improve that before they improve their copy.

In this moment you’re faced with a choice, you can either:

1) Quote them on the 5 emails and landing page copy. Make some cash and move on knowing the campaign will probably fail.


2) Tell them if they really want to make more sales they need to work on their offer first.

If you choose Option 1 you’re just another order taker. A cog in the wheel who can crank out words for money.

But if you have the guts to choose Option 2 you suddenly become more than a copywriter.

You become someone who cares about the outcome. Someone who will go above and beyond the call of duty.

And this is one way to level up.

Yes, you must listen to what the client says they want. But you’re a professional and you have a responsibility to tell them what they need to get the result they want.

Most people can spell. They can string words together to make sentences. They may not be good at it, but they can do it.

But writing copy is about solving problems not just about writing. Once the big problems are solved the copy is easier to write. Solving problems is the hard work.

It’s also the work that will be respected and valued by your clients.

They know it’s hard. They struggle with it everyday. But they’re too close to it to see the answer. They need your help.

So, don’t be an order take. Be a problem solver.