I’ve been a casual chess player for years until today.

I’ve always told myself that “one day” I’ll become a serious chess player and actually start training. Well, I’m happy to announce that today is that day!

What led to this decision? A few things:

1) I’m into 10-Year Commitments Now: Lately I’ve been fascinated by the idea of long-term commitments. There’s just something powerful about them. In fact, I’m not interested in things that don’t have the potential for a 10-year commitment anymore (businesses, friends, skills, goals, hobbies, etc.).

I know if I seriously commit to something for 10 years I will get good at it. For example, a couple months ago I decided to commit to publishing a blog post every day for 10 years. I may not be the best writer or blogger in the world but I know I’ll be much better 10 years from now.

I believe the same is true for chess. If I commit to it for 10 years I will be a much formidable opponent to play then I am right now.

2) I’m Tired of Losing! Let’s just be honest, I hate losing. I mean, who really likes to, right? And lately I’ve been meeting a friend of mine Kevin to play chess and he’s been beating me every time!

Kevin is a a fellow entrepreneur who owns a digital marketing agency here locally. I love playing with him, even if he’s better. So I wouldn’t quit even if I never won but let’s just say I have increased motivation to actually get better! 🙂

3) I Found Out How: I read this article today by Gautam Narula (and this article which Narula linked to) and I now have a clear path and plan for chess training. In the article, Narula presents an organized plan on how someone can “get good at chess, fast.” Now, I’m not so interested in the “fast” part because I consider chess a lifelong pursuit. But I was excited because he has put together a pretty comprehensive training program to follow, which I love!


My Training Program (Evernote Links)

So there you go… today marks Day #1 of my chess training! Before today I never read any books on chess tactics or strategy (although I’ve read book about the history of chess). But I’ve never participated in any sort of organized training program. So I’m excited!

If you’d like to view my training program see the links below: