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Advisors Grow Update: Creating the Campaigns

Mindmap of one of our campaigns.

I want to start sharing regular status updates on Advisors Grow, the “marketing as-a-service” company we’re launching soon.

My thinking is if I share snapshots like this consistently then down the road readers will be able to look back and see how this company was built from the ground up.

If we do well they’ll serve as real life business lessons of what to do.

If we fail they’ll be lessons of what not to do. 🙂 So either way, it’ll be helpful.

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My 10-Hour Work Binge Today

Where I worked part of the day today

Today was nuts. At least for me.

I think I may have gotten spoiled with how I structure my workdays. I typically only work about 6 hours a day.

But those are “pure” work hours mind you. If I take a break I stop my timer. And I’ve realized after about 6 hours of real work I’m out of brain power.

So working nearly 10 hours today made me feel like a crazy workaholic! Here’s what I did today:

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What If You Never Had To Commute Again?

My commute from the office to home.

Before I quit my job to freelance full-time I would spend two hours a day commuting.

I lived in Washington and worked across the river in Portland, OR. I worked 8–5 Monday-Friday. And so I would have to leave my house a little before 7:00 a.m. since I never knew how bad traffic would be. Some days it’d take 50 minutes. Other days 70 minutes.

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How I Do Weekly Reviews

Weekly Review Aftermath!

I started doing Weekly Reviews about four years ago.

This simple weekly habit has helped me stay focused on my goals and ensures I don’t let things fall through the cracks. It’s also a great way to regain perspective.

So what is a Weekly Review you ask?

It’s simply a meeting you set with yourself each week to get caught up and to reflect on the week.

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The Problem with the “If You Could Do Anything” Question

What do you really want to do?

I mean really?

If you could do anything what would that be?

That’s a hard question to answer, isn’t it?

That question paralyzes us because we’re suddenly presented with an infinite amount of options.

Should I go back to school? Start a business? Quit my job? Go into ministry?

There’s so many options it’s overwhelming.

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