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4 Principles from Let the River Run

I’m re-reading the book Let the River Run by Dan Scott. It’s a great story about a revival that took place at Christ Church Nashville in the mid 1980s.

Another time I’d like to summarize the story from the book and how it’s impacting me. But tonight I just want to share the Four Principles that transformed their season of grace into a long-term center of transformation.

Those principles are:

1. We must discover our personal calling in life.
2. We must know how to fund our calling by managing and multiplying our resources.
3. We must work out our calling within long-term and synergistic relationships.
4. We must not confuse influence with control.

Those are great life principles to meditate and act on.

How Do You Measure Progress?

How do you measure progress

I got married in the Summer of 2009. The photo above is the first home we ever lived in.

It was one bedroom and had a tiny little kitchen and bathroom. And when the wind blew you could feel it come through the walls. But we loved it!

There was a little creek that ran right next to the house so at night we would crack our bedroom window and listen to the water. It was so relaxing.

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Sovereignty, Free Will and God’s Calling

Sovereignty, Free Will

Great talk this morning with my friend Dan (No, Dan is not my invisible friend. I just took the pic after he left).

It’s Saturday and since I decided that Saturdays will be Free Days from now on I refuse to think or write about anything work related.

So instead I’ll talk about a great conversation I just had with my friend Dan Freiss.

We were talking about life, God, giftings, etc. when I told him how I often struggle with the fear of wasting my life. And how I wonder, “Am I really doing what God has called me to do?”

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30-Minute Silent Retreats

Relaxing with some chai on my front porch.

There was a time in my life when I considered joining a monastery for a year.

I thought it would be a good spiritual experience to learn to live in quietness and simplicity.

I remember telling my best friend, Lacie, about this at the time. Little did I know she was thinking to herself, Oh great, I’m in love with a guy who wants to be monk!

Fast forward 10 years…

I’ve been married to Lacie for seven years and we have three kids: ages five, three and two.

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Walking and Praying the Streets of Battle Ground

Main Street BG tonight

Tonight I went grocery shopping and then came home to an empty house. My wife took the kids to her Aunt Heidi’s house to help get ready for her sister’s high school grad party that’s happening tomorrow.

So I made myself some dinner and then picked some greens from our garden and made a green smoothie! It was delicious. I sat out on the front porch enjoying it while listening to this podcast by Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, CA.

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