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How I sold $8,950 of Copywriting Work this Week

I was sitting outside this morning doing my Weekly Review when I realized I sold $8,950 worth of copywriting work this week.

There was a $3,500 Sales Funnel (landing pages + emails) I sold to a new client from the U.K. Then I sold another $3,750 Sales Funnel to an existing client. And then a $1,700 job to write some JV emails for a new client.

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Go for Yes or No (Maybes Kill You)

One of the problems freelancers face when they try to get work is not that they get told “no” too much. It’s the fact they settle for maybe.

You never want to hear maybe or the equivalent when you’re in sales. Maybes will kill you! Maybes suck your time and they don’t teach you anything.

What you want is a definitive yes or no.

I was reminded of this today. I have a deal in my sales pipeline that could be a great monthly retainer client.

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My Favorite Part of Working from Home

I started working from home in May 2011. And there’s a lot of things I love about it: no commute, no boss, it’s quiet and I can wear sweatpants every day.

But my favorite part of working from home is the fact I get to spend so much time with my family!

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Dear Copywriters: Don’t Be an Order Taker, Be a Problem Solver

As a copywriter it’s easy to simply be an order taker.

A client tells you they want copy for 5 emails and a landing page for a new launch they’re doing.

But when you see their offer you instinctively know they need to improve that before they improve their copy.

In this moment you’re faced with a choice, you can either:

1) Quote them on the 5 emails and landing page copy. Make some cash and move on knowing the campaign will probably fail.


2) Tell them if they really want to make more sales they need to work on their offer first.

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The Best Way to Get High-Paying Copywriting Clients

The #1 strategy I’ve used over the last 6 years to get high-paying copywriting clients is by far email prospecting.

And before I share my email prospecting system with you, I want to take a minute to share some real life example of sales I’ve made using this strategy:

  • $8,300 client. Sent first email on 3/9/16. Closed $5,500 project on 5/9/16. Project was a long-form sales page and series of emails. This client ordered $2,800 more work in the first 4 months bringing total to $8,300.
  • $9,000 client. Sent first email on 12/14/15. On 1/29/16 he agreed to hire me on a $1,000/month retainer. This lasted for 9 months brining total to $9,000.
  • $12,625 client. Sent first email on 3/16/15. Closed first $3,300 sale on 6/30/16 for landing page and brochure copy. Client ordered $9,325 over the next 9 months bringing total to $12,625.

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