I had a conversation today with a prospect about doing lead gen work for him.

Right away I knew he was a bad fit because he started the call off by asking how much my services cost.

We weren’t even 2 minutes into the call when he posed this question. I let him know I’d tell him in just a minute but asked if I could learn a little about his agency first.

After a few minutes I just said, “OK, let’s talk about the price since it seems that’s what you’re most concerned with.”

I then told him the cost for this particular service would be $1,500/month.

“Oh, there’s no way we could afford that! $1,500 is just too much.”

OK, $1,500 may have been outside his budget. But the funny thing is he it didn’t matter how many leads or sales he could generate from that $1,500. All that mattered was that it was $1,500.

It didn’t matter that another client, just like him in another state, just got 130 leads from this same type of campaign we were discussing.

I finally said, “Look, if you think marketing is just an expense and you’re not expecting to get any return from it then we’re not going to be a good fit.”

For some reason this got him to actually do the math.

He finally wrote down 75 leads x 30% close rate X his commission.

After a pause he said, “Well, I guess it could work. I’ll forward your email to the owner and let him decide.”

It’s thinking like this that drives me crazy!!

You could say, “Hey if you hand me $1,500 I’ll hand you $3,000 tomorrow. Would that work for you?”

And some would still balk at the $1,500!!!

You wonder why some businesses struggle to survive. It’s thinking like this that keeps businesses small.

Anyway, I just had to rant today because, well I could. Thanks for listening!