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How Much Should You Charge to Write a Blog Post?

how much to charge for blogging

When I first started freelancing in 2011 I was happy to get paid $50 to write a blog post.

Heck, I was happy to get paid anything back then!

I had just quit my job in corporate America and I did not have any regular clients. So any work was better than no work.

But you can’t survive on $50 blog posts. Even if it only takes you one hour to write it you have to remember you’re not actually making $50/hour. That’s because you still have a lot of non-billable work you have to do like invoicing, prospecting, submitting proposals, etc.

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Spur-of-the-Moment Beach Trip!

Perfect view of our RV and the Ocean from "my office" today.

View of our RV and the Ocean from “my office.”

Yesterday my wife told me she was going to the beach for the day with her family.

I said, “Ok, that sounds good. I have so much going on at work that I can’t go.”

But then this morning I went to tell them bye when my oldest, Emma, said, “Daddy, why don’t you just come with us? You can bring your computer and work from there.”

I thought, You know what, that sounds like a great idea!

So I grabbed my laptop and notebook and packed up my backpack and hopped in the motorhome!

And I’m glad I did! Sometimes I have to remember to take advantage of being a freelancer. And it’s days like today that I really appreciate having the freedom to work when and where I want.

Here’s some pics from today:

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5 Rules To Keep A Blog Fun

Show Your Work

I love Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work. His book was one of the main reasons why I decided to start blogging daily.

When I read it I had been on Facebook for 9 years and was getting sick of all the pointless crap on there (including my own).

So when I read the following quote from Show Your Work I was sold!

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How to Figure Out What to Do Next in Life

Trust God

Like most entrepreneurs I place a high value on freedom.

It’s one of the main reasons why I quit my job in corporate America in 2011.

I wanted to be free to work when I wanted to, how I wanted to and for who I wanted to.

Freedom is a great thing but there is an aspect of freedom that is not discussed a lot.

Even though it’s not discussed much, I’ve found it’s something a lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs struggle with, which is “not knowing what to do next.”

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Habits vs. Goals

Do you ever wonder if it’s better to focus on habits or goals?

For the longest time I was more into goals than habits. I’d dream big and write down things I wanted to do like: quit my job, buy a house, summit Mt. Rainier.

I like goals because they inspire me. But then I started to get too obsessed with the “process” of goal setting. And somewhere along the way, the goal setting process became what it was about more than the actual goals/dreams.

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