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2017 Annual Review

Our new backyard. My office tucked away in the corner.

I spent some time over the last 2 weeks reflecting on 2017. I started by first asking myself, “What happened in 2017?”

I read through my old blog posts and journals and made a list of things that were significant to me. I was surprised at how much actually happened this year — everything from buying our first house to Lacie getting pregnant to having our best year ever in business!

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My Last Daily Post After 300 Days of Blogging Daily

Today marks the 300th day I’ve published a daily blog post on here.

And today is also the day I’m quitting posting daily.

It was a hard decision because I originally thought I would publish daily for 10 years!

But I didn’t even make it ONE full year. I considered posting for 65 more days just so I could say I published daily for a year. But after a good talk with my wife on the way to the Oregon Coast two days ago I realized that was a dumb idea.

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Decision to Quit Daily Blog

Haystack Rock Today

“I know it’s OK quit. I just haven’t yet,” I told my wife as I looked out the passenger side window of our RV at the big Astoria Bridge we were about to cross.

“No, I’m not saying it’s OK if you quit. I’m saying you HAVE TO quit. You’re starting to drive me crazy telling me how you hate blogging daily but you feel like you have to do it because of some commitment you made to yourself,” she said.

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Dealing with Business Building Doubts

On Friday one of my clients asked me, “Josh, what’s your big audacious goal?”

I said something about wanting to go from being self-employed to being an actual business owner so I could actually take 2 weeks off and go on a motorhome trip with my family every now and then.

“I want to be able to stand outside of something and be able to tweak and improve it. I don’t want it to be based all around me. I don’t need to be a guru where my name is on everything,” I said.

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Realizing Why Behavior Change Matters

Behavior Change

I’ve been using this new Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt. And every week there’s a Weekly Review with several questions to answer.

One of them is, “How will you adjust your behavior going forward?”

I usually skim over that question because it doesn’t excite me. Plus, I wasn’t sure how to answer it. But today I took some time to really ponder that question. And I’m glad I did!

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