Mindmap of one of our campaigns.

I want to start sharing regular status updates on Advisors Grow, the “marketing as-a-service” company we’re launching soon.

My thinking is if I share snapshots like this consistently then down the road readers will be able to look back and see how this company was built from the ground up.

If we do well they’ll serve as real life business lessons of what to do.

If we fail they’ll be lessons of what not to do. 🙂 So either way, it’ll be helpful.

What We’ve Been Building

Over the last few weeks I’ve been meeting weekly with my team to discuss the automated campaigns we’re developing for Advisors Grow.

These campaigns are built around some of the most important sales and marketing activities that financial advisors engage in. For example, we have a Discovery Call Campaign, a Consult-to-Close Campaign and a Dinner Seminar Campaign.

Each of these campaigns is designed to help save advisors time and make more money. For example, the purpose of the Discovery Call Campaign is to help filter unqualified prospects out so that only qualified leads are able to schedule time with them from booking an appointment online.

Our advisors will give us their qualification criteria, such as a minimum amount of retirement savings (i.e. $200,000) and/or a certain age group (i.e. at least 50 years old).

If the prospect meets this criteria then they’ll be sent an email with a link to book their free 15-minute Discovery Call with the advisor.

A couple weeks ago I hashed out the details of how the campaign will flow in Infusionsoft and this week I wrote the copy for this campaign. There’s a lot of little emails here and there that need copy. For example, if they fill out the form to request a Discovery Call but fail to actually book their time then there are reminder emails that go out to get them to complete the process.

I finished writing the copy for the Discovery Call Campaign today and tomorrow I hope to finish the Consult-to-Close Campaign and then the Dinner Seminar one.

Launching Early August

Our target launch date is the 2nd week of August. So I need to step up my efforts to get all these campaigns done and the copy for the first prototype website we’re developing. The design is about 90% done for the site and it’s in development mode now being coded by my web team.

If I stop to think about everything that still needs to be done before launch I’ll get overwhelmed so I just have to focus on one thing at a time.

Sorry this post is not more organized. But it’s 10:00 p.m. and I’ve been working all day. As much as I want to do a good job “showing my work” in this blog I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not sacrifice actually doing excellent work for the sake of showing my work.

So the actual work gets dibs on my biological prime time (my morning hours). And these posts get relegated to the end of the day. At least for now. So anyway, just wanted to get some sort of status update published. Maybe I’ll check in every week on this or every 2 weeks.

That’s it for now!