Advisor Dinner Seminar Campaign

What it looks like “under the hood” in Infusionsoft

We’re getting closer to launching Advisors Grow!

I had a 90-minute Skype call today with Dylan, our project manager, about the Dinner Seminar Campaign… which is one of the most important campaigns in this whole offering.

And I was excited to hear this campaign is just about done!

To give you some context about just how critical this campaign is let me share a quick story with you.

One of my advisor clients spent $20,000 and about 2-3 months of his time trying to get an automated Dinner Seminar Campaign created. And after all that time and money invested it still wasn’t functional!

So knowing this is just one of several helpful campaigns in  our product makes me feel good.

When someone signs up for Advisors Grow they’ll instantly get access to a fully automated campaign that will integrate with the direct mail and appointment setting service they already use.

This campaign will make it easy for both their team members and the prospect, to sign up for a seminar.

Since advisors like to qualify people who attend their seminars we have fields like these to identify their age and how much money they have in retirement:

Advisor dinner seminar form

They select their age

Advisor dinner seminar form

They select how much $$ they have.

Once they sign up they’ll be entered into an automatic reminder sequence which will increase the show up rate at these seminars.

And then when they have the seminar a registration list will automatically be generated so the advisor’s assistant can easily check people in with an iPad when they arrive.

They can also, with the click of a button, register that person for a one-on-one consultation with the advisors as they go around the room with the iPad.

After the seminar an email will automatically go out to both those who attended and those who registered but missed the seminar.

There’s a lot of other little bells and whistles I don’t have time to cover right now but those are the main points. If you’re not an advisor who does seminars you may be like, “what’s the big deal?” But if you are then you’ll realize WHY this is such a big deal.

So anyway, just wanted to share an update since I’m trying to do a better job of “showing my work.” That’s one of the things I worked on today. More to come!

Advisor Dinner Seminar Campaign