Today was a stressful day.

I had a 2-hour phone call with a client trying to figure out a 3rd party quoting tool that will be integrated in a website we’re building for them.

I’m not a developer and I don’t know how APIs work so it was a tough call. And even thought I’m confident my web team will be able to figure out a good solution for the client it still drained my energy.

Then I had another issue I had to deal with after lunch. It involved trying to get access to a couple Facebook ad accounts for some new clients.

Apparently when I deleted my personal Facebook profile earlier this year it created a glitch with my new Facebook shell profile (the one I created for the sole purpose of managing Facebook ads). I wasn’t able to request, or grant, access to Facebook ad accounts.

My PPC manager finally got on Skype and walked me through it.

But afterwards I felt completely drained! I hate dealing with this sort of stuff. But when you’re growing a company you wear a lot of hats, right?

On top of that I also had a proposal to get out the door and some other urgent tasks to complete.

And now it’s 9:43 p.m. and I need to step away from my computer before I self-destruct! So no words of wisdom or inspiration today. The only thing I have to share is this:

When you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed take a few minutes to calm down. I had to go for a run tonight to clear my head and then I was still stressed so I had to read a little after that (reading calms me down).

And it worked. Afterward I felt calm again and was able to think clearly. So there you go, that’s my lesson for the day!