I see all these “a day in the life…” type of posts all the time.

So I thought I’d finally join the club and tell you exactly what my day was like today, Friday, June 30, 2017.


6:00: Woke up. Showered, shaved, etc.

6:19: Got a text from one of my East Coast clients (9:19 his time) that said:
Client: The new landing page is not lining up well on mobile.
Me: Did you clear your cache? It looks great on my end.
Client: I did not. Lol. Looks good. U r up early.
Me: Yes. I have stuff to do!

6:30: Walked 45 seconds to my office on the corner of our property to pray.

7:15: Grabbed my laptop and chessboard and drove to meet a friend for a game of chess.

8:00: Played a 60-minute game of chess. I lost. Still had fun though!

chess pieces

One of my favorite games!

9:00: After chess my friend left and I stayed at the coffee shop. Opened my laptop, put on my headphones and worked for 2 hours straight. Mostly on a new website project I’m managing for an Insurance Funnels client.

11:00: Wife calls, “Hey, where are you?”
“I’m working in Vancouver. What’s up?”
“Can you come home now? The renters said their on their way now.”
“I thought they weren’t supposed to be there until noon?”
“Yeah, I guess they’re coming early.”
“That’s annoying. OK, I’ll leave. But from now on let’s say ‘No Early Arrivals.’”

11:30: Got home and met the couple who will be renting our motorhome for 5 days. Took the guy, Dusty, on a test drive near our house to make sure he could handle the RV well. He passed with flying colors. Sent them on their way.

Four Winds Hurricane RV

Today was the 4th time we’ve rented our RV out.


12:30: Got an IM from one of my team members about a client’s website launch letting me know we’ve run out of custom fields in Ontraport and needed help. Helped troubleshoot that issue and then took lunch because I realized all I had eaten until this point was a slice of banana nut bread at the coffee shop.

1:00: My wife made me a delicious sandwich and I got to eat with my 3 kids.

1:40: Made a cup of coffee and then made my 45-second commute back the office to finish off the work day. I exchanged emails with the compliance department for one of my financial advisor clients about an ad I had just written copy for. Got the ad approved.

2:00: Spent an hour working on a $4,000 website copywriting proposal. I was annoyed for allowing myself to spend so much time on the proposal (I already spent almost 2 hours on calls discussing this before today). But felt good to send it to him by the deadline I gave him. We’ll see if I get the job.

3:30: After following up on some more open deals in my pipeline I hit my normal “wall” where I have zero energy to do anything. Went in the house, did the dishes and then talked to my wife.

Lily at the bank getting a “lillypop.”

4:00: Took my 3-year-old daughter Lily into town to run some errands. Went to the bank and wrote myself a check from my business account (payday today!). Then went to the UPS store to pick up a book about prayer I ordered on Amazon. Then grabbed pizza on the way home.


6:00: Ate dinner with the family and then went out and did some yard work. Decided I wanted to clear out some branches that were blocking my view of the house from my office. So climbed a tree with a saw and cut down a bunch of branches. Felt like a man again hauling off all the carnage I caused with my bare hands!


After (sorry, it got dark)

8:45: Took a shower since I was all sweaty and dirty from playing in the woods and cutting down trees. Then came out to my office again and wrote this blog post!

The end.

P.S. I usually spend more hours working then I did today. Usually between 6-7 hours a day. And it’s rare for me to drive to a coffee shop to meet someone. But I thought I may as well get the most mileage out of that and write this “day in the life” post since I actually worked from a coffee shop today (so cliche, I love it! I’m like a real freelancer today. lol!).

My office