I’ve been feeling disillusioned lately about having a “personal blog.”

Maybe that’s what I get for publishing a blog for 185 days in a row without having a clear vision about “why” I’m doing this.

Some days I feel like this is such a waste of time. I mean, why write on a blog that only a few people read when I could be getting paid to write blogs for other people?

When I start to think like that I can get in a bad mood pretty fast. So when I read this post by Darren Rowse titled, 8 Reasons Why I Highly Recommend Having a Personal Blog, it encouraged me.

You can read the full post here. But here are his 8 reasons:

1) Personal Blogs Help You Find Your ‘Voice’
2) Personal Blogs Teach you the Skills of Blogging
3) Personal Blogs Familiarize you with the Tools of Blogging
4) Personal Blogs Help you Work out how Much Time you Have
5) Personal Blogs help you work out if you can Sustain Blogging for the Long Term
6) Personal Blogs give you a taste of blogging ‘Culture’
7) Personal Blogs Help you Define Your Niche
8) Personal Blogs help you Find a Readership

Darren said he wrote about spirituality, movies, politics, his church, work and miscellaneous ramblings from his various hobbies on his first personal blog.

Knowing that made me not feel so bad about the fact I write about so many different things on here.

He also said, “I must have written 2,000 or so posts on that blog and in doing so really honed my style and developed a voice that I now write in today.”

So that gives me hope to that what I’m doing is not in vain. That even if my audience is small and my focus is still unclear, it’s still helpful to write and publish daily.

If you have a personal blog then I hope this encourages you too. If you don’t know Darren’s story he went on to become one of the most successful bloggers online at ProBlogger.net.

Everybody starts somewhere. You just have to start… and keep going!