Spartan Race photo

Some friends and I after a Spartan Race

Today I had a great call with a friend of mine named Brian Appleton. We met in March 2016 after I sent him this short email:

Hi Brian, nice to meet you. I just wanted to introduce myself and see if there was any synergy between you and I. See this short 90-second video I made for you:

If you want to chat here’s a link to my calendar:

Take care,

It literally took me 90 seconds to make that video and 30 seconds to type that email (Plus about 10 minutes researching him before I did that). So let’s just say 15 minutes total.

And the result?

A lot of positive things…

He invited me to speak at his Insurance Agent Summit last year.

He hired me to write the copy to promote his Summit.

We’ve had several great phone calls where we share what’s going on in each other’s business and life and find ways to help each other.

And we’re discussing partnering up on some other ventures.

But most importantly a great professional friendship is developing.


All because one day I thought, “Hey, I like what this guy is doing. I’d like to meet him. We’re in the same industry and he seems to be doing some cool stuff.”

It took a whole 15 minutes to reach out to him. A 56-word email and a 90-second video.

The point is that there’s an infinite amount of things we can do with our time as entrepreneurs. We could spend time on client work, revenue generating activities, professional development, creating content, etc.

And all those are good.

But if you’re looking to get a massive ROI on your time spent then make sure part of your “time portfolio” includes investing in relationships. Forming new ones and nurturing existing ones.

“You literally can’t be truly diligent in any important endeavor without partnering.” – Steven K. Scott

I’ll end with a short story about a conversation I had with another friend of mine, Kevin Getch, owner of a local digital marketing agency in Vancouver WA .

We were just about ready to start our game of chess at a local coffee shop when I asked him what business advice he had since he’s done things I want to do.

I can’t remember what he said verbatim but essentially he said, “I make sure to spend most of my time with people during the day. Investing in those relationships pays huge dividends.”

I’m starting to understand this more. Even though I sometimes think I can just hide out in my nice little private 10×20 office building out in the country by myself, I have to remind myself that I need to invest in relationships.

So hopefully that gets you thinking about who you can invest your time in tomorrow and this coming week.