First Insurance Phone Sale

Text I got from Justin after launching his campaign!

I recently started working with a new client, Justin, who sells Final Expense Life Insurance aka “burial insurance.”

He reached out to me because he was tired of driving from home to home meeting with prospects. He wanted to get into online marketing so he could sell insurance over the phone.

He had no website. No social media profile. No email list. Absolutely no online presence!

And since he wasn’t ready to invest in a new website I suggested he use Facebook Lead Gen Ads.

Those are the ads that look like this:

Facebook Lead Gen Ads

Facebook Lead Gen Ads

So we started putting together the campaigns and the ads and were just about to launch when something didn’t feel right.

I finally realized what my gut was telling me: we needed to use a video ad!

The problem was I didn’t suggest this in my initial proposal and didn’t charge for it. But I knew he’d be better off with a video.

So I just offered to make it for free. It meant that it would take me some more time but I knew he’d get better results.

And that’s exactly what happens. I created the video, sent it to my PPC Manager and we launched the campaign.

The results have been great. He’s gotten 50 leads in the first 9 days. But the biggest change for him was the fact that he’s starting to make sales over the phone without having to drive anywhere.

He can just do business from home now. And he loves it.

So anyway, just wanted to share that success story today because it feels good when I get to be part of stories like this.

And today Justin referred me to one of his friends. A guy who sells mortgage insurance. He sounds interested and we’ll see where that goes.

But the lesson for me is this: go the extra mile and listen to your intuition. Even if it costs you a little more time or money up front. In the long run it’s worth it if it means the client gets better results.