Show Your Work

I love Austin Kleon’s book, Show Your Work. His book was one of the main reasons why I decided to start blogging daily.

When I read it I had been on Facebook for 9 years and was getting sick of all the pointless crap on there (including my own).

So when I read the following quote from Show Your Work I was sold!

Facebook asks you to indulge yourself by asking “How are you feeling?” Or “What’s on your mind?” Instead focus on answering the question: “What are you working on?” Don’t show your lunch or your latte, show your work.

As I read that I highlighted it and thought, *That’s exactly what I want to do!

So I made a commitment to publish a blog post daily. I’m on Day #272.

In the beginning it was fun and exciting. But after the newness wore off I started struggling with negative thoughts like:

  • Man, it’s a lot of work to show your work!
  • Am I just some narcissistic Millennial who craves attention?
  • How is what I’m sharing actually helping anyone?
  • Speaking of which, I don’t even know who I should help!
  • Nobody even reads this blog so maybe I should just quit.

…and on and on.

My wife is right, sometimes I’m just a big baby.

So I started asking myself: how did something that started off as being so easy and fun become such a burden?

And how can I make it fun again?

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think all life and business should be easy and fun. But remember, this is NOT my main business. It’s a hobby. Something I decided to do for FUN!

I have websites that serve a purely business purpose like and I don’t think of those sites as “fun” sites. They’re my money making sites.

So if this is going to be fun I have to set some rules for myself (yes, I need rules to have fun, that’s just how my brain works!). So here we go…

5 Rules to Keep My Blog Fun:

Rule #1 – Don’t focus on analytics: I made the mistake of looking at my analytics a few weeks ago and it depressed me. So taking my wife’s advice, I removed Google Analytics so I will no longer be tempted in this way!

Rule #2 – Be honest: I get annoyed at all the super hyped up “make money online” blogs. Everyone apparently has these picture perfect lives and businesses.It all feels so artificial and phony. So I want to do my best to be honest about what it’s like to own an online business and work from home.

Rule #3 – Document, don’t create:I have to give credit where credit is due and I first heard this phrase from Gary V. I don’t actually follow Gary much but I like this idea of focusing on documenting vs creating. So that will be one of my guiding principles.

Rule #4 – Preach what I practice: I read a lot. I love learning. But I want to make a point to only share things that I’m actually doing or have done myself. This goes hand in hand with Rule #3.

Rule #5 – Have fun! This honestly may be the hardest one for me to follow! My wife is a pro at having fun. For example, today she made a plan to go to the beach tomorrow with the kids and her family. She’s going to pack up the motorhome in the morning and head out for a fun-filled day! Me, well I’m in that same motorhome at 9:51 p.m. writing a set of rules for my personal blog. So yeah, that should tell you something.

Well there you go… 5 Rules to Keep Your Personal Blog Fun. Hopefully they work! I’ll try to follow up on this sometime soon and give you a progress report.