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Month: August 2017 (page 2 of 7)

Weekly Review: 8/26/17

Since one of my goals with this blog is to document my journey aka “show my work” I guess I should start posting regular reviews/updates more.

I do a Weekly Review so I’m going to experiment with sharing some highlights of that each week.

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My New Full Focus Planner

Full Focus Planner

I’m going more and more analog these days!

And my latest move is back to a physical planner — the Full Focus Planner by Michael Hyatt to be exact.

Mine arrived in the mail earlier this week and I started using it as soon as I got it. It’s not perfect but I’m enjoying it more than all the digital productivity and task management systems I’ve used. Here are some pics:

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Outbound Email Prospecting People Like

One of the dangers of coming under the influence of marketing gurus is the temptation to follow their dogmatic ideas without thinking.

For example, many gurus will tell you why “outbound marketing” is dead. And that more sophisticated or progressive marketers will focus on inbound.

They preach a message that essentially says, “It’s wrong to interrupt people with your marketing. The right way to market is to attract people to you.”

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What’s Already Working?

I have a bad habit I want to quit.

It’s a habit I noticed a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers struggle with, which is this: we often stop investing time and energy into what’s proven to work in favor of trying to do something new.

For example, I’ve been working as a direct response copywriter for 6 years now. I know how to drum up new work when I need to because I have a proven prospecting system that works.

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My New Shutdown Ritual: Walks


I felt exhausted after work today.

I usually only do 3 focus sessions (50 minutes of focused copywriting work followed by a 10 minute break) in the mornings. But today I did 5 back-to-back and it drained me!

After the 5th session it was 2:30 and I was mentally drained and super hungry. Even after lunch it was hard to recover. Then right after work I immediately went into the house and started cleaning the kitchen (not relaxing for me).

I got grumpy and irritable (I know because my wife said so). Then I did something I haven’t done for at least a week or so. I went for a walk.

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