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Month: July 2017 (page 2 of 7)

Break Time with My 5-Year-Old

Break time!

Yesterday I was walking out to my office when my 5-year-old daughter Emma said, “Hey Daddy, do you want to lay in the grass with me?”

“Lay in the grass?”

“Yeah, there’s a real comfy spot right over there in the shade. Come on I’ll show you!”

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Why I Removed Google Analytics from My Blog

I will no longer look at charts like this for this blog!

Last night I was complaining to my wife about my blog.

“I’m frustrated Babe,” I said as I was brushing my teethe.


“I made the mistake of checking my analytics yesterday and got discouraged because nobody reads my blog.”*

“But I thought the point of this blog was just to have fun and post something every day?”

“It is, but it just feels stupid to publish something every day and have nobody read it.”

After going back and forth like this for about 20 minutes I finally asked my wife what she thinks I should do.

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Invest In Quality Tools

My new teapot!

I started making loose leaf chai again.

I spent a couple weeks in India years ago and fell in love with their tea.

Since then I’ve perfected my recipe and almost everyone who tries it tells me they love it.

But during our last move I lost my old teapot. So as a “workaround” I would pour my chai from the the pot I just made it in through a strainer and into a cup. The process was messy and annoying.

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Getting Frustrated with My Blog’s Low Traffic

Drawing my 3-year-old made. This is also how I felt about my blog today.

Today I made the mistake of looking at my blog’s analytics.

I’ve posted a daily blog for 255 days straight.

And even though I told myself I’m not going to worry about how many readers I have for the first year of blogging I can’t help it.

I can’t help but think, Man, I post something on here every single day and I feel like I should have more traffic by now.

In the last 30 days I’ve only had 141 sessions.

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How I sold $8,950 of Copywriting Work this Week

I was sitting outside this morning doing my Weekly Review when I realized I sold $8,950 worth of copywriting work this week.

There was a $3,500 Sales Funnel (landing pages + emails) I sold to a new client from the U.K. Then I sold another $3,750 Sales Funnel to an existing client. And then a $1,700 job to write some JV emails for a new client.

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