The #1 strategy I’ve used over the last 6 years to get high-paying copywriting clients is by far email prospecting.

And before I share my email prospecting system with you, I want to take a minute to share some real life example of sales I’ve made using this strategy:

  • $8,300 client. Sent first email on 3/9/16. Closed $5,500 project on 5/9/16. Project was a long-form sales page and series of emails. This client ordered $2,800 more work in the first 4 months bringing total to $8,300.
  • $9,000 client. Sent first email on 12/14/15. On 1/29/16 he agreed to hire me on a $1,000/month retainer. This lasted for 9 months brining total to $9,000.
  • $12,625 client. Sent first email on 3/16/15. Closed first $3,300 sale on 6/30/16 for landing page and brochure copy. Client ordered $9,325 over the next 9 months bringing total to $12,625.

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